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Photo Credit: CityWatch LA A growing number of new Latino voters in Los Angeles and California are registering as “Non-Party Participants,” in a rebuke of the Democratic Party. That disconnect is readily apparent in Los Angeles County, which has the largest Latino voter bloc in the state. More than one-third of the residents in the […]

Former Reid aide Julio Laínez joins team as Communications and Operations Manager WASHINGTON, DC— ProsperoLatino recently hired Julio Laínez as the company’s new Communications and Operations Manager in charge of new business development and the international affairs portfolio. Laínez, a seasoned policy professional, worked 8 years in the office of U.S. Senate Democratic Leader Harry […]

Donald Trump wants to drain the swamp, but Washington isn’t preparing to be drained. Even with new upheaval in the election, the mood here remains the same: Republicans and Democrats expect Hillary Clinton will be the next president. “If it were Trump, people would be looking into Canada’s immigration laws,” joked Jose Parra, a former […]

This op-ed was originally posted in Spanish online and on the print edition of Metro Puerto Rico on November 3, 2016. My grandfather used to always say that “Puerto Ricans’ favorite sport was politics,” as he hung his party’s flag on the front porch every November 8 – a sign that he had rajado la […]

This op-ed was originally posted in Spanish on Sunday, November 7, 2016 on If Hispanics tip the scales in Nevada, North Carolina, Florida and Pennsylvania, Clinton would have the tools to implement real immigration change that would provide relief for millions of our friends, relatives, and neighbors.” Blanca Gámez is actively working to get […]